Belle Movement – Pilates and Personal Training

Sunday October 20th, Places are limited!

Moving is beautiful


noun; beautiful 



1) the act of moving.

2) A group of people with a shared ideas 

So what is it all about…

In my life I’ve moved in a few different ways.

I’ve been an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, a wanna be runner, a pregnant mum, a new mum putting the body back together (twice), a toddler chaser, a baby swayer, a circuit doer, a sweat seeker, an athlete supporter, a sport enthusiast, a determined player and all that falls in between.

One thing that flows through all of this is how happy and whole I feel when I am moving.

So here I am, hoping to share that happiness with as many people as I can by creating awesome and accessible classes and sessions, here on the peninsula!!

So what do we offer?

We offer a range of classes and 1:1 sessions to suit your individual needs!

Our classes include:

Mat Pilates – 6 person class. This class is Pilates exercises performed on the floor using small props aimed at building strength and mobility through the entire body.

Precision Reformer 3 person class, reformer Pilates tailored to your individual needs)


Fusion Reformer – 6 Person class. This class combines reformer pilates, strength, conditioning and stretching to give you an all super well rounded work out.

In all of our day time classes, we have onsite nannies to take care of your little ones! This is our “Play Date”. This kids have a great time whilst you take an hour of “me time”. Win Win!

Want to come check out a class? Leave your details here and we will get back to you ASAP!

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