Juggling – No not really

So my kids often come to work with me. This is one of the main reasons that I started “Pilates and Play Dates”, so that I could build a business whilst the kids are accommodated.

Any of you out there who have been to one of my classes, on a day that my kids are there, will have met them.


Well, they aren’t always on the best behaviour.  They don’t always do as they are told. They often break out of the “Play Date”  and they do 100% think that everything in the studio is theirs and they don’t particularly want to share it with any one.

So yeh, sometimes they are tricky to manage, whilst I have a class full of paying customers moving on machines. 

The pic up the top of this page is during the very very first class that I ran back in 2018. On my left is my 2 year old.

Is she supposed to be right there. No.

Is she being helpful? No.

Was she being somewhat of a pest. Yes.

Did she know that she was supposed to be elsewhere? Yes.

Did she care? No.

How frustrating was it? I can’t eve begin to tell you!

I remember thinking in this very moment “well, this is it. Fail. No one is going to want to come back.”

I remember being a tiny bit cranky with Lilly for misbehaving, on my day, on my really important day!

And I also remember thinking – “if I don’t seem like I am clam in this situation this whole thing is going to turn to shhhiiiiittt.”

So that is what I did.

Faked being calm.

Put on my best calm “Lilly, can you please give me a minute” mum voice, carried on teaching the class, at times carrying her around yelling and not cooperating, and all the while thinking “calm, Jenna, calm” whilst mostly on the inside I was FREAKING THE HECK OUT.

The best news about that day? My other baby couldn’t crawl yet, and therefore stayed exactly where she was supposed to be. What a win!

So, the class went on. Lilly displayed a lot of pork chop behaviour, I fumbled through, we made it to the end.

Was it perfect?

No, I didn’t think so.

Did it work? Ahhh, weirdly it did.

By the time the class was over. My pent up frustration with Lilly had all but subsided.

My fake clam behaviour had, to an extent, worked.

However, it had little to no baring on Lilly. She literally could not have cared less that she had rail-roaded what I had hoped would be the perfect class.

But it did however have an impact on me. 

And this was my “ahh-ha” moment and maybe the my so called “secret” to the juggling thing.

So here is my theory.

Toddlers are the way they are. Often getting their one track mind of the one track thing is impossible. Nothing I say in that moment to them is going to change what they are doing.

So what can I control at that moment? Me. Only me. That is all I can do. And for my own good and for the good of my clients, and I guess ultimately the good of my kids. Calm is probably my best option. 

So, 9ish times out of 10, I take a deep breath, calmly intervene with my nutcase, and carry right a long.

That 1ish time out of 10 I do get super flustered. I do loose it at my kids. I loose track of the class. It all comes to a grinding halt for a few minutes, and then we carry right along.

We are only human right!!

So what am I getting at here?

I don’t think there is actually a knack for it. Remaining calm, carrying on. I don’t think there is a secret. It is something I have to consciously make myself do. It does not come naturally in that moment. But if I can, we are alllll so much better for it!

So, has anything changed since this photo? Yes it has!

Now my littlest baby can walk, so often she brakes into the classes and I have 2 of them all up in my face hahahhaa

Happy Wednesday every one!