What is my running secret?

I have a secret…

It is no secret, I love to run.

So here is the bombshell secret….

The actual secret….

This was not always the case!

I didn’t always love running. In fact I had mostly convinced myself that I hated it and couldn’t do it.

So, how did I fall in love with it?

Well it was pretty simple, I just started. I put my shoes on and went for a little run to the beach when I first moved to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney (mostly because driving in those parts was terrifying!) It was 2km. It probably wasn’t pretty – but it was a start. And it actually felt pretty good.

StaFor the longest time I had convinced myself that “I couldn’t run”.

Truth bomb.

I could run.

I just didn’t.

My competitive little ego was telling me that I wasn’t good at it, therefore I couldn’t.

I can’t actually pin point what I was worried about.

I don’t think I particularly cared what I looked like, or what other people thought.

But I was 100% convinced that it just wasn’t any good, so probs best just not to do it at all.

My gym hosted a running group. I was so so nervous to go and join in.

It was a chicken v the egg thing.

I thought I needed to be a runner to start, but I couldn’t really be a runner until I started.

So a plucked up the courage to go. And I literally have never looked back.

I had a little gang of running nerds, who like me just wanted to give it a go. Some were better than me, some weren’t. But we encouraged each other through each session and all of us improved at our own rate.

I actually looked forward to Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I was – dare I say it – enjoying running!

I built up my stamina and strength and progressively got a little longer a little faster and a little bit more efficient. 

And the group supported me to do it.

THEN can you believe it, I was motivated to run on my own. Me, the non runner!

So what was it that hooked me?

✨The Runners High✨ – it is an actual thing. The endorphin rush. Magical little things endorphins. They turn the pain feels into positive feels and seriously, I could bust into a happy dance every time I get home after a run.

✨The Physical Benefits ✨ The cardiovascular benefits that I gain when I am consistent with my running make me feel as though I could do just about anything.

✨The Me Time ✨ Running is something that I can do on my own, with nothing at all. If I run on the beach, I don’t need shoes. I just need me. There is something that is super freeing about that.

Truth be told, when I reflect, I think it is the impact on my mental health that pulls me in the most,

I always feel so good after I have been for a run. Yes, my legs get sore. And yes, I puff (alot more now then I did when I was young, fit and kid free!!). But, mostly, my mood improves so so much after a little trot (Just ask my husband!).  No matter if it was around the block, or 10km. It literally allows me to reset and start again.

So, why post about this now?

I want you to know, that you CAN run.

That little voice in your head that is stopping you, is actually ALL that is stopping you.

I’d love to help silence that little voice, and give you the tools to get out and love to run the way that I do!

Belle Running – Our very own run club will kick off on the 17th of March 20202

They perfect place to start your running journey. Learn some tips and tricks to “hit the road” (like what I did there!) and run just a little bit more efficiently.

For more info click the link below and book your place!


It was running that made me fall in love with pilates!

Yes, friends it is true. It was pounding the pavement, one of my life’s true loves that broke me, sent me to the physio, who, started me on my pilates journey (Mark Mitchell, if you are reading this, many many thanks pal!) and in turn led me to another true love, pilates!

And I am so so thankful for that.

But, that is a post for another day!