Belle Online

“Find what brings you joy and go there.” ~Jan Phillips

We may not be able to “go” there right now, but we can certainly “be” there, and that is what we are doing!!

Belle Online will be Live from Monday the 30th of March!

Our Virtual Studio – with all of the things that we love about Belle.

The moving, of course, but the conceitedness , the community, the fun!

So the main questions are….

  • How does it work?
  • How do I get you a class?
  • What classes will be available?
  • What does it cost?
  • What will I need?
  • And why should you join us?

Well read along friends! We have the answers!

How does it work?

We are using software called “FitGrid” which ties together MindBody and Zoom.

The classes will be live streamed via Zoom.

This software can be run from your laptop, computer, tablet or phone! Once you are signed up to a class you will be prompted to do what you need to. It is super super easy!

So how to I get to a class?

Step 1) You will need your phone, a laptop or a tablet.

Step 2) You will need to jump onto MindBody and check out the time table!

There are 20 classes that will be live streamed each week. (more on the classes in a moment)

Step 3) You book into your class, as you usually would.

Step 4) 30 minutes prior to the class, you will be sent a link from “Fitgrid” this will promt you to join a your class via a link.

Step 5) Follow along the promts and that will take you straight to the “meeting room” or in our case, the “Studio” And at the time the class is due to start, we will start!

You will see our faces! We don’t have to see yours, but if you’d like us to correct your technique along the way, set up you laptop, tablet or phone so we can see you and we will!

We can all chat together as we usually would – and get right in for roughly 50 minutes of pilates goodness!

And the classes – what will be available?

I am so glad you asked… Some of these may sound familiar…

Control Online – A smooth moving class, focused on those little muscles. Mobility and stability are our key focuses.

Burn Online – This one is all about building strength and endurance in all of the important places! I anticipate there may be little bit of sweat in this one!

Fusion Online – A combination of all of the things that we love. Strength, conditioning, mobility and stability. Circuit style in some ways. Again – anticipate some sweat!

HIIT Online – A newbie!! This will be 30 mins of High Intensity Intervals. Heart Rate Up – Burn on!

Roll and Release – A stretchy session with the trigger ball and roller.

Belle Babies – The perfect starting point for our new Mumma’s out there. Focus on postnatal recovery to set you up for a successful return to exercise.

Belle Glow – For our Expecting Mumma’s. The perfect balance of stretch and strength in the lead up to your new arrival!

How about pricing?

There are two options for you. And I think we have come up with something that is pretty reasonable given that times right now are tough!!

Option 1) Belle Online Member – $22 per week.

What does that give you?

  • Unlimited access to live classes.
  • Complete access to the back log of classes, which will be made available daily. So if our times don’t suit, you can do the class whenever you like. For now this will be on a private Facebook Group (more on this in the next point!) 
  • Access to the Belle Member Online Hub – We will be going live in here with other gems! Interviews with health industry experts! On the list so far we have a nutritionist, a high performance coach, a Women’s health physio, an Olympian, a Mindfulness expert, a business coach and many more as the weeks progress.


Option 2) Class Passes

Not sure if you want to commit – you can join us any time.

$9 for a 1 off

$42 for 5

$80 for 10.

Belle Babies/ Glow is a little bit different. To Find out more on these specific classes click here

What will I need?

Not alot!!

We will try to keep the prop use to a minimum – but it would be a good idea to put together a little “pilates at home kit” – You can see how to do that here

Otherwise all you need is yourself, some space, your phone, or a tablet, or a laptop.


So why should we do this?

Let me give you a 3 reasons…

  • Science – Science tells us ” Some contemporary evidence shows that leading a physically active lifestyle reduces the incidence of communicable (e.g., bacterial and viral infections) and non-communicable diseases (e.g., cancer), implying that immune competency is enhanced by regular exercise bouts. “ It also tells us “exercise is proven to support our mental health,” 

Don’t fight science!

  • Community – I feel so far away from everyone right now!! Belle Online is going to bring us together again! Give us a daily appointment to look forward to!

Friends are important.

  • Flexibility – You can do these classes ANYWHERE! Given that leaving the house is not ideal right now, you can lock yourself away in a bed room or the garage, on your deck, in your back garden. Take us on your permitted solo walk, set us up on a park bench and do it there! Anywhere you can connect to the internet and have a screen, you can do these classes. And if you join as a member, you can do the classes any time!

Flexibility is something that life is lacking right now!

Still not sure!?

Get in touch! I’d love to answer allllll of your questions!