Belle Running

Here it is!!

We are so excited to finally bring Belle Running to life!

What will we do:

This is a progressive 13 week run club!

We will take our time to build our strength, stamina and run-ability

We have used the latest research and guidelines with regards to returning to running, running postnatal and progressing your running. 

Each session will begin with a warm up of specific running related exercises to get us feeling prepped in mobile. 

We then will head out for our session – each one slightly different from the one before. We will work at our own pace with intervals and various broken distance runs. 

We will head back, have a stretch and a foam roll and be on our way! 

What does it cost?

Friends, there is a cost attached to this program. This is to keep you committed and accountable.


We will be donating these particular proceeds to “The Gidget Foundation” 

So running for you and running for a cause! 

1 Session Per Week – $100 for 13 weeks

2 Sessions Per Week – $200 for 13 Weeks

Unlimited Sessions – $260 for 13 weeks

When is it? 

Starting from Tuesday the 17th of March and Ending on Saturday the 13th of June 

Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm 

Wednesday mornings at 8:30am (with Play Dates available) 

Saturday mornings at 6:00am 

How does it work? 

1) Purchase your pack – this will show in MindBody as “1 Session Per Week”, “2 Sessions Per Week” or “Unlimited Belle Running Sessions”  

2) Book your preferred day/ time as you would any other Belle Class – using the MindBody App. YOU MUST book in each time you are coming to Belle Running so we can prepare appropriate sessions and schedule staff. 

NOTE: If you choose “1 Session Per Week” you will have enough class credits to book 1 of the classes per week. Which day/ time you choose is up to you. Same if you choose “2 Sessions Per week” you will have enough class credits to take you through the 13 weeks, 2 times per week. Unlimited, you will have enough credits to attend every session in the 13 weeks.

We are so keen to spread a little bit of running joy!

We aren’t here to compete against each other, or even against yourself. 

We are here to try and bring alllll of the amazing benefits of running to you. 

We are here to break the barriers that are holding you back from running. 

We are here to support you and hi-5 you and keep you going! 

What can I expect from the program:

Week Date Focus
1 17/18/ 21 March Testing And Goal Setting
2 25/26/28 March 1 Minute Running
3 31/1/4 April Build Ups
4 7/8/11 April Out and Back
5 14/15/18 April Testing
6 21/22/24 April Easter Break
7 27/28/1 May Hills
8 4/5/8 May Tempo Running
9 12/13/16 May Out and Back
10 19/20/23 May Build Ups
11 26/27/29 May Testing
12 2/3/6 June Adventure session! Keep Sunday Free!
13 9/10/12 June Taper Week – Pre Bay to Bay/ Cheer Squad Training Week

We have prepared this program with the latest research and guidelines with regards to returning to run post baby. So if you are keen to get back into running – this is perrrrrfffeeect for you!

We’ve also taken into consideration that this will be some peoples first dabble with running. So we have built the program to suit beginners and nurture those legs into running.

Experienced runner? This is a great opportunity to build your strength and speed!

Still not sure that this is for you?

Ask us your questions and we will get back to you!