Classes and Schedule

Schedule commencing July 15th 2019.

All classes between 8:30am and 12:00pm will have our amazing “Play Date” available!

(AKA Creche – with our amazing baby whisperers!)

Bookings are essential!

Everyone can benefit from a mat class!! This class focuses on building strength and mobility through a performing exercises on the floor using body weight and small props. This class is suitable for all fitness levels and small class sizes mean that the instructor can tailor to your individual needs!

Max Class Size: 8
This is all about reformer and only reformer! Build your strength and mobility on one of the most dynamic pieces of fitness equipment on the market. A pilates reformer is spring loaded with a series of pulley’s and straps.

MAX Class Size: 4
This class is a combination of all of the things that I love! Pilates, reformer, strength and conditioning! This one is to get the heart rate up whilst doing pilates inspired exercises. Each week will be different! You will walk away feeling amazing!

Max Class Size: 8
This one is just for the boys! Specifically designed for the male body. This is a combo of strength, mobility and stability. We work on loosening tight backs, building up that core strength and improve stability in those joints. Gather your bro’s!

Max Class Size: 8
Belle Babies is an 8 week early post natal course! Perfect for new mums with babies from around 6 weeks old through to 6 months (ish). We work on building strength in all of the important areas and transitioning mums back into a regular exercise routine.
New courses start every 8 weeks.

Next Course Commences August 1

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