Home Pilates Kit

What will you need to get going at home?

We want to keep props to a minimum…

However we are asking our lovely clients to put together a “home pilates pack”.

Some bits and pieces to have at the ready to enhance your classes.

We will give you lots of alternatives, so if you don’t have certain items, you can improvise or not use a prop at all.

Hand weights – Cans of food (550g) Full water bottles with water or sand. Bags of sugar/ flour. Babies. Pets.

Sliding Discs – Tea towels/ DVD Case (for carpet) roller skates (kidding – don’t use them! Danger!)

Theraband – This is tricky one, but for stretching you could use, a belt, towel, skipping rope, cord from a dressing grown

Soft Ball – Kids ball, cushion, folded towel, kids teddy.

Trigger Ball – Tennis ball, golf ball, handball

Booty Band – Tie up theraband, Stockings (trust me! Tie them up!)  You can still emulate these movements with out the band. Muscle engagement just takes a little longer. 

Kettle Bell – 2L + Milk Bottle filled with water/ sand. Bucket filled with water/ sand. Heavy Book. Heavy hand bag. Baby. Basket With Handles.

Foam Roller – Double rolled up towel (for stretching purposes) Rolled Up Yoga Mat. Rolled up door mat.

Yoga Block –   Cushion. Folded Up Towel. 

Chair/ Step – If you can have a chair near by that is super handy! Or a step of sorts that would be great!

We have a few at home Pilates Packs available for pick up in the studio!

1 x Soft Ball

1 x Booty Band

2 x Sliding Disks

2 x 1 kg Hand Weights

1 x Trigger Ball

1 x Theraband


Pick Up Only

Pop your details below and let’s see what we can arrange!